Our agency undertakes to protect the privacy of its clients. This Data Privacy and Security Statement contains information regarding our obligation to protect our clients’ personal data. Personal data is any data used to determine the identity of the client, such as name, registered office, e-mail and telephone number. Confidential information is any information that we may learn in the scope of our service providing which must remain secret. Our agency guarantees that such personal data and confidential information shall be accessible only to the authorized employees. We also guarantee to implement the security policy regarding such personal and confidential data. Moreover, we guarantee to treat any communication established and conducted via phone, e-mail or any other means of communication with confidentiality. We reserve the right to keep in our records any received communication and/or documentation and we undertake not to disclose the contents of such communication and/or documentation to third parties. In order to keep our clients anonymous, we will not announce our reference list, as the protection of confidential information is an indispensable characteristic of our branch.