• Translation of documents (birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, residency certificate, competency certificate, certificate of no criminal record, etc.)
  • Translation of general texts (CV, promotional material, tourist text, etc.)
  • Translation of specialised texts in various areas of expertise (law, medicine, finance, banking, construction, architecture, engineering, etc.)
  • Translation of books, newspaper articles, Internet pages, etc.
  • Translation from audio and video tapes
  • Consecutive and simultaneous translating


As the name of our company implies, we translate into and from all European languages within a very short timeframe. The majority of our translators are native speakers of the language they translate.

We translate from Croatian into English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Portugese, Rumanian, Slovenian, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Ukrainian, Dutch, Albanian, Greek, Latin and from these languages into Croatian.

ll translations are additionally checked and proof read. Therefore we guarantee superior quality of the final translation and accept complete liability in the event of a mistake.